"In Simple Language"

My Bio

Born and raised in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Richard S. Sowa grew up wanting to make his mark in corporate America as a financial professional. He got heavily involved with commercial banks in Ohio, started a family, and even began writing non-fiction financial textbooks for colleges and universities – but it wasn’t until recently that he knew he also wanted to be an aspiring fictional action thriller writer.

Richard has spent the past thirty plus years of his career in several financial positions, some of those including working for the U.S. Treasury Department,  as a stockbroker/ financial adviser ,tax accountant, and pension specialist with various investment and insurance companies. His writing career took off from this point when he wrote over 280 financial articles, including his first self-published textbook titled “Your in Simple Language Guide to Basic Investments.”

Richard was living a fulfilling life; some would refer to it as “the American dream”. After his many years in the financial world, he semi-retired in 2005. From there, his hobby of writing flourished into a passion that could not be ignored any longer.  He made the decision to write both non-fiction financial books and fiction thrillers.

In May of 2011, Richard moved from his home in New Albany, Indiana, across the Ohio River from Louisville, Kentucky to Seattle, Washington to be closer to his son. Richard, being a family man, was excited to move to Seattle to spend more time with his son and to also focus more on his writing ambitions.

The majority of his time is now spent reading, writing, and enjoying the wonders of Puget Sound. He greets each sunrise with a balanced breakfast and a cup of tea and begins the creative process; eager to unveil a new and exciting twist to his action thrillers.

Currently, Richard has three unpublished novels in revision and is working on the development of his main character for his first financial fiction thriller trilogy. His work attracts an eclectic audience that has the “page-turner bug” for action topics, and wants to amuse his audience with opposing elements of suspense and conflict. Go to www.richardsowa.com to see a sample chapter of one of his thrillers.

He also has a series of non-fiction short version financial eBooks in the process. The first is completed and the second is in the works. Check back often to see what’s new.